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How it works?

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First you need to choose the tariff you are interested in.

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Write to telegram with a note of the purchase number


Pay for the tariff plan and save the purchase number

Boost viewers

Turn on the broadcast and expect your viewers

About us

We are a development team that is trying with all our efforts to bring you to the top

The main thing for us is the stability of viewers, forget about bad services with a drawdown and a shortage of more than 60% of viewers

We have made a unique script that allows you to build a huge audience

Become a popular streamer and start making money on it!

Why us?


We do not disclose information about users to third parties, without your consent.


Without jumps, without drawdowns, Start the stream, and "catch" new viewers.

Help 24/7

Consultants will help you understand the service, answer the exciting questions.

Its technology

We do not deal with the resale of third-party services, we have our own  YouTube channels.

Why screw viewers on the channel?

To get to Top

The main task of all streamers is to take the Top, but it's very hard, therefore it is necessary to have a "dope", which will help to start quickly, and to rise higher.


The more spectators you have on stream, the more lively the chatting, and the live chat for the audience is an important factor in deciding whether to subscribe to your channel.


With the growth of online on the stream, new subscribers will start coming to you, which will become your regular viewers. It is for them that there is a war among streamers!


Spectators and stream-platforms like their streamers, and they are thankful for their work. And that there are more such spectators, it is necessary to "aggressively" promote your channel.

Choose plane


up to 200 viewers
  • Arrival up to 200 spectators
  • Connection within 2-10 minutes
  • Choice of less than 200 viewers(optional)
$40 /month


up to 300-400 viewers
  • Arrival up to 400 spectators
  • Connection within 2-10 minutes
  • Audience stability + - 15%
$60 /month


up to 1000 viewers
  • Arrival up to 1000 spectators
  • Connection within 2-10 minutes
  • Audience stability + - 30%
$100 /month

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